- the german trash pioniers

Formed in 81 by the Rainer and Dieter Kelch one can say that Living Death was one of germans if not the worlds pioneering thrash metal bands. Straight from the start the sound was stamped by the guitar work of Rainer Kelch and Frank Fricke, not to forget - of course - the vicious style of singer Thorsten Bergmann, Accompanied by bassplayer Dieter Kelch and drummer Frank Schubring. A demo recorded by this line up found the interrest of "Earthshaker", a well known independent record comapnay at that time, which leads to a contract and results in recording their first album 1983, "Vengeance of Hell". This album is full of energy and new elements for the metal scene, a kind of Metallica on speed, with a flavour of punk on top. After several live concerts and replacement of the old drummer - Andreas Oberhoff starts beating the skins - Living Death starts working on a new album which leads to 1985's outstanding release "Metal Revolution", an album full of surprising ideas but a consequent follower of their debut. As a result of the partnership with Ralf Hubert they decided in 1986 to sign a contract with AAARRG Records, where they where not a limited in studio time as before. First result of this collaboration is the EP "Back to the Weapons", where again a new drummer appears - Atomic Steif. His energy and ideas had a great impact on the new songs, more power and first time a more trashy type of drumming. This EP was well received by the critics and the fans and leads to some bigger live shows. Beside their live activities Living Death already starts working on their first longplayer for AAARRG Records - "Protected from Reality". As the studio time was not really limited a lot of new ideas were tested, the result - released in 1987 - was a great success and it seems that from that point on Living Death could march through.

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- radical melodies

Ivory Night are one of the most distinct and technically adept Metalbands of the German Underground. Consisting of members of Ross the Boss (the famous co-founder of Manowar), Germany's Top-20 Rockoutfit Saltatio Mortis and the legendary Avantgarde Metal formation Mekong Delta the band does best not sounding too much like any of their members' other groups. Ivory Night have often been compared to Jag Panzer, much for singer Patrick Fuchs' resemblance to Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin. In 1997 Patrick Fuchs founds a band with a couple of friends from school – some line-up changes later Ivory Night release their debut album "7 – Dawn Of The Night" in 2004. The album contains fan-favourites such as "And I Fly", "Mighty Wings", "Salvation Is An Honest Man" and "Mother Earth" with its multi-layered vocals in the vein of Savatage.By

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that time the band consists of Patrick Fuchs (vocals/guitar), Tilmann Ruby (guitar), Carsten Kettering (bass) and Volker Schick (drums). The drums on the album had been recorded by former drummer Mario Walther who had left prior the album's completion as he was not willing to fulfill touring duties.In April 2006 Patrick Fuchs and Carsten Kettering join forces with Ross The Boss (co-founder and former member of Manowar, member of The Dictators) and after shows in Germany, Greece and Italy they start writing songs. The band have toured worldwide and have so far released two albums, "New Metal Leader" (2008) and "Hailstorm" (2010).


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- the masters of virtous trash metal

Mekong Delta is without a doubt one of the most talented, yet also one of the most underrated bands in the international metal scene. Back then the band was often, and for good reasons, compared to Techno-Thrash gods Watchtower. Besides that, at that time the line-up of the 'project' was one of the best-kept secrets in music.When in 1985 Ralph Hubert was realizing his idea to start a project which some german musicians in which all of them only apperared using pseudonyms, he originally intended to only be the mind behind it, not to be a part of the line-up. He finally begins to produce demos on his label Aaarrgh, with Jochen Schroeder (guitar) and Peavy Wagner (bass) both playing at that time in Rage, Jörg Michael (Stratovarius / Saxon) on drums and vocalist Wolfgang Borgmann. It quickly becomes obvious that Jochen Schröder does not really fit and doesn´t meet the technical and musical requirements so he must leave the group. In come the two guitarists Reiner Kelch and Frank Fricke from Living Death, a band that is already under contract with Ralph. When Peavy leaves the project as an active musician as well (he still writes the lyrics), Hubert decides to take over the bass. Because he believes that german musicians may not be fully accepted and besides that some of the members were already signed exclusively with other labels the official line-up reads as follows: Björn Eklund (aka Ralph Hubert) on bass, Gordon Perkins (aka Jörg Michael) on drums, Rolf Stein (aka Frank Fricke) on guitar, Vincent St. John (aka Reiner Kelch), guitar and Keil (aka Wolfgang Borgmann) on vocals.........

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Mekong Delta live

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  1. October 2nd, The Netherlands
    ProgPowerEurope, Baarlo

Ivory Night live

  1. August 12th
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    Germany, Welferode
  2. August 27th Germany, Böhl Iggelheim
    Flak You