- the german trash pioniers

Formed in 81 by the Rainer and Dieter Kelch one can say that Living Death was one of germans if not the worlds pioneering thrash metal bands. Straight from the start the sound was stamped by the guitar work of Rainer Kelch and Frank Fricke, not to forget - of course - the vicious style of singer Thorsten Bergmann, Accompanied by bassplayer Dieter Kelch and drummer Frank Schubring. A demo recorded by this line up found the interrest of "Earthshaker", a well known independent record comapnay at that time, which leads to a contract and results in recording their first album 1983, "Vengeance of Hell". This album is full of energy and new elements for the metal scene, a kind of Metallica on speed, with a flavour of punk on top. After several live concerts and replacement of the old drummer - Andreas Oberhoff starts beating the skins - Living Death starts working on a new album which leads to 1985's outstanding release "Metal Revolution", an album full of surprising ideas but a consequent follower of their debut. As a result of the partnership with Ralf Hubert they decided in 1986 to sign a contract with AAARRG Records, where they where not a limited in studio time as before. First result of this collaboration is the EP "Back to the Weapons", where again a new drummer appears - Atomic Steif. His energy and ideas had a great impact on the new songs, more power and first time a more trashy type of drumming. This EP was well received by the critics and the fans and leads to some bigger live shows. Beside their live activities Living Death already starts working on their first longplayer for AAARRG Records - "Protected from Reality". As the studio time was not really limited a lot of new ideas were tested, the result - released in 1987 - was a great success and it seems that from that point on Living Death could march through. While supporting the new album on several live shows it shows up that there are quite different opinions concerning the musical future of the group. Especially former founder Rainer Kelch and Atomic Steif got some hard argues concerning that. At least this discussion had one big advantage: while working on the next album the group tried to merge all the ideas together which leads to the fantastic "Worlds Neurosis" which was released 1989, from the musical and technical side for sure the best album recorde by Living Death. The change in Totos vocals to more melodic lines keep a lot of critics standing around with open mouth as tey did not expect that. Furthermore the experiments with different time signatures where well adapted by the press and the fans. Unfortunately the musical breach was to deep already and it becomes clear that there was no way to continue with that line up. Late 1989 the group split up and the projects done by the members never got the acceptance of LIving Death, one of the first trash pioniers in the world


  • Last known Line-Up:
    • Thorsten Bergmann (Vocals)
    • Frank Fricke (Guitar)
    • Rainer Kelch (Guitar)
    • Dieter Kelch (Bass)
    • Atomic Steif (Drums)



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